Project Re-Wild

Project Re-Wild

The Town of Vail will provide partial funding to riparian and stream bank restoration projects on private land that reduce sediment and pllution loads in Gore Creek and its tributaries by (1) establishing native vegetation buffers, (2) stabilizing stream banks or (3) reducing impervious surfaces. The town will provide up to 75% funding to projects that staff determine best serve each of the three aforementioned goals.

  • Homeowners or their agents who wish to apply for partial project funding from the Town of Vail must submit a completed application form in addition to all other local, state, and federal permit applications. Applicants will be asked to take time to provide detailed answers to the questions in the application packet and provide any additional information that is available such as architectural drawings and photos. Town staff will determine whether each proposed project meets the criteria listed below and will award funding to projects which best:

    • Prevent erosion or reduce sediment loading in the creek
    • Restore native riparian vegetation
    • Remove impervious surfaces
    • Rehabilitate or create wetlands or floodplains
    • Incorporate BMPs in their design
    • Improve in-stream habitat (pool/riffle complexes, meanders, etc.)
    • Occur in high priority areas (areas of highest concern based on MMI scores)
    • Provide detailed map and architectural plan of proposed project
    • Have the greatest potential to add Value to the Environment
  • This fund will provide assistance to private homeowners in the Town of Vail who wish to restore stream bank on their property abutting Gore Creek or its tributaries. Funds may not be used for projects on Town of Vail stream tract property.

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