Getting Started

Recycling Is Easy. Here’s What You Need to Know.

There are many options available for education and assistance through the town or our partnership with Walking Mountains Science Center. We offer on-site waste audits, staff training, education.

  • This guide includes a general list of recyclable materials in the area. If Vail Honeywagon or Waste Management is your waste hauler, materials are collected in one bin (“Single Stream”) and transported to the Denver area to be sorted. If MRI is your waste hauler, materials may also be collected in one bin if you are a residential customer. Materials are sorted at the curb and taken to the Eagle County materials recovery facility, which does not accept aseptic packaging (milk and juice cartons, broth cartons, cartons that area mix of paperboard and plastic or wax).

    Remember, wildlife-resistant bins or enclosures are required in Vail for waste and co-mingle (glass, aluminum, plastic) or food contaminated recycling. If you separate recycling most types of cardboard and paper do not need to be placed in a wildlife-resistant bin or enclosure.  For more information on wildlife protection, click here.

    Download the Recycling Guide

  • Please help make your recycling as clean as possible by remembering the following tips as you recycle. These simple tasks will ensure that all material ends up being recycled and not in the landfill.

    • Break down boxes
    • Rinse out containers
    • Separate lids
    • Remove items from plastic bags
    • Pizza box and food-contaminated cardboard: please cut out the grease contaminated portions and recycle the rest.

    Want to see where it all goes?  Check out this video about a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Boulder.

  • Curbside recycling is available with embedded rates in the Town of Vail. Other area options include:

    Vail – West of the Community Development Building at 75 South Frontage Road

    Red Cliff – 400 Pine Street, Behind the Red Cliff Community Center

    Avon – 375 Yoder Avenue, just past the Home Depot.

    Edwards – West Side of Mountain Recreation Field House

    Eagle – 1050 Chambers Avenue at the Town of Eagle Public Works Facility

    Gypsum – 210 Crest Wood Drive, Northwest corner of Ridley’s Market parking lot

    • Please do not dump any trash at the recycling centers.
    • Break down all cardboard before placing into dumpsters.
    • Rinse out all rigid materials.
    • Do not put anything into the recycling containers that are not listed on the instruction signs.
    • No aseptic packaging (milk cartons, juice cartons, etc) is accepted at these locations.
    • No hazardous materials or electronic waste are accepted at any of the sites.
  • There are many opportunities around The Valley to dispose of items.

    Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste can be disposed of at the Eagle County Landfill HHW facility. Residents are allowed to deliever up to 20 HHW items for free each visit. E-Waste can be disposed of for $.20 per pound.

    If an item is in good working order, consider donating it to the thrift store or the Habitat Re-Store.

    Scrap metal can be taken to a metal recycler and you can be paid for the value of the material.

    Hard to Recycle Items & Drop-off Locations Guide

  • Vail Honeywagon Subscription Drop Off Program: If you live in Vail and are interested in composting, you can sign up for the Vail Honeywagon subscription compost drop off program. You receive a 5-gallon locking bucket and code to the lock on the compost dumspter at the Vail Recycling Center. For more information or to enroll, click HERE.

    West Vail Curbside Compost Pilot Program: Live in West Vail and interested in weekly curbside compost pick up? Learn more by clicking HERE.

    Business Compost Pilot Program: Interested in starting or improving your compost program at your business? Click HERE to learn more.

    Special Events: The Town of Vail provides composting opportunities at special events through the Celebrate Green! program. Contact us for more information on greening your event.