Recycling Requirements

A Few Simple Guidelines for Residents and Businesses

Vail is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Which is why those of us lucky enough to live, visit and play here care about keeping our footprint small, our resources plentiful and our contribution to sustainability top of mind. It’s the least we can do for the place we all love.

  • Recently passed by the Vail Town Council, Ordinance No.6 calls for Community Wide Recycling Regulations as of July 1, 2014. So yes, it’s a law. But it’s something we should all be doing anyhow, so think of it as just a smart move and small token of your love.

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  • Homeowners need to sign up for curbside recycling service and purchase a new wildlife-resistant container through their waste hauler, Ace Hardware, online, or the provider of their choice. All waste haulers already offer recycling included with your trash bill.

    HOAs need to recycle on site (add a dumpster to the area where they have trash, and add bins for condo renters if they are mostly a renter/vacation HOA). Ask your hauler for signage or stickers for your bins or trash areas.

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  • Restaurants need to recycle in the “back of house” (add a container for recycling where they have trash for their staff to use, and at their dumpster area) and offer recycling containers to patrons IF they offer trash bins for patrons to use. If there are no public trash containers, restaurants need not provide recycling containers.

    Hotels need to offer recycling where they have trash (in-rooms and back of house). Note that every container need not be paired with recycling, but they must be located in an equally convenient location as the trash.

    Retail Stores need to offer recycling where they have trash for patrons. Ask your hauler for signage or stickers for your bins or trash areas, and don’t forget to apply for your rebate (forms below)! What do homeowners and HOAs have to do?

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